JD Provence

JD Provence : Hello Hadia. I'm Diane's admin, on Canning and Cooking at Home. I have a little over 100 cookbooks, I've had your's a few months now. It is the most amazing one I've ever seen. The photos are beautiful, and the recipes are fantastic. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful work of art!

Rania Fahmi

Rania Fahmi...I have bought the cookbook today and I recommend it seriously it is ...one of the best books, the recipes are not complicated and it has lot of variety and new recipes which I came across other than traditional books. I loved the quality of the papers with emphasized pictures for every recipe

Anisa Jehan

Anisa Jehan )I ordered the cook book just in time for Ramadan and I have been using it to cook some great iftars the last couple days. My husband is from lubnan and I know how much he misses Lebanese food. It's great to be able to put some meals together that he grew up eating. Thank you so much for putting together this book. It's def the best cook book i have! I love that there are so many pictures and how it's really well organized. I can tell you put a lot of time and energy into it.

A New York Foodie

A New York Foodie:


Hadia’s book not only has Lebanese recipes, but you can find all sorts of different cuisines in this book from Italian to Asian to South American.  Most of her recipes include a picture so you can see what that finished dish looks like and believe me, her recipes are a picture to look at!

Canning and Cooking at Home

Canning and Cooking at Home: Do you ever know that something is just going to be good before you even "see" it? I ordered Hadia's Cookbook "Hadia Lebanese Style Recipes" after seeing her Facebook Page and sharing recipes onto this Page. I have to tell you that it is by far one of the best laid out, most beautiful books I've seen. You can see the amazing work and artistry that has gone into this cookbook!! Really, I am not kidding...every recipe is laid out beautifully and her photography is stunning as well!! Kuddos Hadia!!

The Social Chef

The Social Chef "I have helped a friend of mine who has a T.V cooking show with some photos for her cookbook. I can tell you from personal experience as you already know, it is a tremendous amount of work. Your cookbook is extremely impressive. I have been paging through it and I am beyond impressed." Michael Van Horn.

Jane Austin

Just received your book and it's totally fabulous. I strongly recommend it. Recipes are fantastic, easy to follow and everything is just delicious . Thank you SOooo much Hadia x "Jane Austin"

Mary Beth

MBThings I know ……Great Cookbook!! Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine has a cookbook that is probably one of the best I have ever seen..Clean, crisp pictures and lots of them. Well written recipes, glossary of explanations for some of the ingredients and names of food. I collect Cookbooks and I will personally endorse this as a must have."Mary Beth"


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