Hello Dear Friends,

You landed on this page because my youngest sister Hadia loves me. How simple, right?

Well, Hadia believed in me so she allowed me to share a part of her lovely rich website. Allow me to thank Hadia for her unlimited gennerosity. 

I am Susan Zebib, Hadia's older sister and I live in Misssissauga, Ontario, Canada with my three sons and Husband. 

I have been moving around from one country to another since I was a child and that has widened my mind as I learned about different cultures and so many things that made me a better person.

I have settled now, hopefully, in Canada and I decided to take a break from work and the long hours spent outside my home in order to focus on my young men; make sure my eldest twins get into University and help my youngest 11 year old to settle in his new envirnment.

But being a person who has worked almost my entire life, could I? of course not! 

I decided to use my talent in crochet so I started crocheting and showing my work in exhibitions. This helped me not to slip into a depression mode which normally would result if you are used to being productive and suddenly stop working. Then I decided to focus on my health and lose some weight which has always been a concern to me.I joined this fabulous group"Slimming Clubs" and earned a great result in losing weight and feeling healthy, energetic and all this without being stressed out. I decided to join them as a facilitator in order to help people gain back their lives. It has been a great experience and that is my mission now.

Need to see more of my crochet? join me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delicate-Tips/642365225783877

Want to know more about Slimming Clubs? check this out: www.susanzebib.slimmingclubs.ca

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