Kahwa (Turkish Coffee)

Kahwa (Turkish Coffee)

Kahwa (Turkish Coffee)

What could be better than a cup of coffee in the morning? Rich, warm, and inviting with its wonderful aroma. John Van Druten said “I think if I were a woman, I’d wear coffee as a perfume.” I think he is right – coffee excites the senses with wonderful flavors and aromas.


1cup water
1 heaping tablespoon Turkish coffee
½ teaspoon sugar, optional
You will need a long handle coffee pot called rakwa and 3 espresso cups


Fill the coffee pot with water. Stir in the sugar (if used), place over medium heat, and bring to a boil.
Remove the pot and add the coffee and stir.
Return the pot to the heat and bring just to a boil. Keep an eye on it not to spill over. Repeat the process a couple of times.


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