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Wildflou's Cottage Kitchen I had secretly been dreaming of owning this beautiful cookbook by my dear friend, Hadia. When one day, out of the crystal blue, she asked me if I’d like to have a copy!  I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited and thankful, after a very awful day, that I think I actually cried! Hadia, Lebanese Style Recipes was on it’s way! (I think I pinched myself, too! Well, we had some kind of mishap during the shipping from Canada, and the book never made it here. (Obviously, someone else liked it quite a lot, too). But the always kind and extremely generous Hadia, had her very helpful son, who’s currently attending college in Montreal, send a second copy!! Bless her heart!! 

I first met Hadia on Facebook after seeing one of her elegant dishes shared on a friend’s cooking page. When I went to visit her FB page, Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine, to see more of her recipes, I was absolutely floored!! Her photos are nothing short of stunning! And her recipes not only include Lebanese-style food, but she also enjoys making and creating dishes from all over the world! When I saw that she was an author of her own cookbook, and even took all of her own photos for the book as well, I hoped that by Christmas we’d be back on our feet so that I could BEG Santa for a copy.

Well…Christmas came early this year. 

When the second book arrived, (safe and sound this time!), I couldn’t put it down!! Every single page was so beautifully done and her dishes and tablescapes so vibrantly full of brilliant colors, that your eyes just feast on every carefully planned detail! You can’t hardly wait to turn the page to see what’s next!! I spent many afternoons pouring over each and every recipe, marking pages with little pieces of paper torn from my spiral notebook. And by the time I had gone through her book 3 times, I had over 30 pages marked!

Well, though I would’ve LOVED to have made them all for this post, I kinda thought that 30 might be a wee bit too much. So, I planned out a nice, intimate dinner for my husband and I to be enjoyed out on the deck, and chose to make a lovely, summer supper al fresco for two, instead!

I started our evening with a pretty salad that I made from what I already had on hand, arranged nicely on a large plate to be shared, including Hadia’s light and refreshing Mayonnaise Dressing! There are only 6 simple ingredients to this refreshing, and lightly tangy dressing, and it went beautifully with the salad ingredients that I had chosen! I even made some pretty little turkey and roast beef “roses”! Our dinner al fresco was off to a fabulous start!

(*Note: The only thing that I did differently, due to our commercial mayonnaise containing air from being whipped, was to only add 2 Tbl. water instead of 3, and that worked perfectly! You may want to use more or less, depending on what brand you are using, and to achieve whatever consistency that you desireI used Hellmann’s).

Moving right along to the main course! Since it was picture perfect weather, I definitely wanted to grill our entree, (which turned into two, because I simply couldn’t narrow down my picks any further!), and chose to make two different kabobs! I wanted a casual, but party-like atmosphere, and anything cooked on a stick just makes it even more fun, doesn’t it? I wanted to choose 2 entrees that are popular where Hadia is originally from, Beirut, and when I saw her middle eastern Shish Tawook (Chicken Kabobs), and her Grilled Kafta Kebobs (ground beef or lamb), my heart leapt! I knew that they would be absolutely perfect, and they sure were!!

My hubby let me know immediately – – without speaking a word – – that the dishes I had prepared and grilled were authentic. That each had brought back memories for him of searching out food vendors in the early hours of the morning when he was in the Navy. And he said, that BOTH kabobs, were spot-on! He was teary-eyed. And I was, too, as he tasted small bites, taking in not just the food itself…but you could see in his eyes, that he was reliving the streets that he walked on. The people that he spoke with as the sun rose. Thousands of miles from home, yet welcomed each day and greeted with a smile and conversation that one would have on any given morning right at your own kitchen table – – with not strangers – – but friends he just hadn’t met yet. And he opened up a bit about his experiences there. I felt so grateful for every word he spoke of it. 

My hubby is a lover of anything banana, and ever since I first saw Hadia post this intriguing and unique recipe forFried Banana Balls (Akara), I have always wanted to make them, and kept her recipe in my back pocket of things to make SOON!! I knew that I would love them, and couldn’t wait to see my hubby’s reaction….believe me, when I say, his eyes rolled back (and I was lucky to get to try a few!) They were DELICIOUS, and such a perfectly fun, and festive dessert to slowly savor after a fantastic dinner!

Lastly, and almost like a second dessert, we finished our romantic dinner for two, with sips of sweet Watermelon Juice! Cool, refreshing, and a perfect ending to our evening!

Hadia, who is originally from southern Lebanon, has 3 sons, and she and her husband currently live in Kinshasa, Congo! She and her family have traveled extensively, which is how she has gained unlimited knowledge and learned to cook so many diverse cuisines! As a little girl, playing “school” with her dolls and dreaming of being an English teacher, I think that she has also accomplished that dream, too. I cannot thank her enough for generously sending me her fabulous cookbook, (twice!), and teaching me how to cook authentic Lebanese dishes, and my husband thanks her as well. Not just for the wonderful dinner that I made for us, but also for bringing back the memories he has of being in Lebanon so many years ago.

Thank you so much dear friend! Kelly Williams


FoodieWineLover :  I am the proud owner of this beautifully-created cookbook by Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine. It has vibrant food images, 600 delicious and easy-to-read recipes from Lebanon and various parts of the world. I am a food and wine blogger and this lovely cookbook exceeds my expectations in every aspect. I highly recommend it.  Gina Zarcadoolas


Nettie's Review  (Moore or Less Cooking Blog) :

I was honored and excited when Hadia asked me to review her cookbook, Hadia Lebanese Style Recipes. I was blown away when I received her beautiful cookbook, which by the way, is the size of a college text book filled with 600 recipes. I feel like I am with Hadia reading every recipe.

I can not imagine the time, energy and dedication it took to create this incredible cookbook. It is very detailed and enticing. Each photograph is beautifully shown. I read and re-read through the cookbook many times, wracking my brain with what recipe I would choose to represent Hadia’s cookbook in a fair and representational way.

I usually lean towards desserts, but I was contemplating what to serve my family for dinner. So I made my choice~ Grilled Kafta Kebabs! I love easy recipes, and Hadia delivers more than her share of easy and mouth watering recipes from soups, appetizers, salads, eggs, main courses and pastries, desserts in Lebanese recipes, French recipes, Mediterranean recipes, Italian recipes, and American recipes. Hadia ‘s cookbook is so diversified and clearly reaches such a large audience, that it would be impossible for anyone to read the cookbook and not see an enticing recipe. This cookbook shows step by step recipes which are easy to follow, resulting in a perfect meal and dessert. 

I have been a fan of Lebanese cuisine for years and decided to choose an authentic Grilled Kafta Kebabs. Only 7 ingredients are need for these moist and flavorful kebabs. The weather has been so mild in Maine this winter that we have actually been grilling. I served these delicious Kebabs with hummus and salad and pita bread.



Swathi's  review about the book (Zesty South Indian Kithen)

I grew up eating rice pudding and had a belief that rice pudding is a dish only in India. But once I stepped out of India, I found that rice pudding is universal; you can find them in other parts of the world also. Rice pudding is varied with additions according to place of it origin. This recipe is Lebanese version of rice pudding “Riz B Haleeb” which translates to “Rice in Milk”

This recipe is adapted from the book “ Hadia Lebanese style recipes” by Haida Zebib Khanafer. She  is my virtual friend and also writes the blog Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine. She had sent me the book a while ago, but I was not able to try any recipes from it as I was debating on which one to try first. I have long list to try a few among them being Coconut Namoura, Zatar bread, Stouf cake etc. I am fan of Namoura which I used to get from a Middle Eastern Store near my old house. I collected spices, orange blossom water, rose water, pomegranate molasses etc. Now we are staying very far so it is not easy to make a trip as I would have earlier.

The book consists of 21 chapters divided into soups, salads, appetizers, eggs, pastries, grains, pasta and gratin, Laban (yogurt based), tarts and pies, oriental sweets, drinks ,pickles and jam etc. This book has 440 recipes; and I am sure everybody will find their favorite one. Even though book is named as Lebanese style recipes, but it has recipes from all over the world. I would love to try Lebanese recipes as I can learn about the culture and cooking style. There are about 30 soups, 36 oriental sweets recipes etc to name a few. For example there are 8 pudding recipes you can choose from. This is just to give you an idea that this book has lot of delicious recipes. So if you are looking for good Lebanese recipes then buy this book you will love it. Only con I can find is that you need a long time to try all the recipes.

I choose to try this Lebanese rice pudding because I wanted to learn the difference in cooking style of rice pudding in various countries. In India when we make rice pudding we don’t add any thickener like corn starch. So it is runny consistency where as this rice pudding has thick consistency. Also I like the addition of mastic gum.






 I just received my copy of your exquisite cookbook and am thrilled with the beauty and elegance with which you put this work together. Stunning photographs accompanying each recipe with such a variety of foods, Middle Eastern and more! It is so complete! I am reading it like a "novel" and cannot wait to get cooking! Thank you for this superb treasury of recipes." Nancy Bazarian Kassabian


May Darwish : This is a wonderful cookbook whether one is of Lebanese, Middle-eastern, or any other background . It provides an easy step-by-step guide to wholesome and scrumptious recipes whose ingredients are easily found in one's own pantry or in grocery store aisles. The different sections are clearly divided and labeled, and the pages often conclude with a relevant quote, lending the book an intellectual edge. Of Lebanese heritage and a good cook myself, I find the book an easy reference when preparing a dinner party or when at a loss of what to cook. I'll certainly give a copy to each of my two daughters when they embark on their own journey of looking after a family of their own. May Darwish



A Dish of Daily Life    / Hadia’s cookbook not only has the traditional Lebanese recipes that you expect to find in Arabic restaurants, but also a variety of recipes inspired by her travels around the world. She even includes helpful information on spices commonly used in Middle Eastern recipes, as well as how to properly set a dinner table. For someone who doesn’t entertain often (and usually by the pool when she does), it’s a nice reference to have on hand.
There are quite a few recipes in Hadia’s cookbook that I intend to try. I wanted to try the two I chose because they are both similar to Middle Eastern recipes that I make, and I enjoy trying new variations. I am so glad I did, because I found things about both versions that I loved. These are fantastic recipes! If you haven’t tried Arabic food, Hadia’s Middle Eastern recipes are an easy and delicious place to start. If you’re already a fan, then you’re going to LOVE this cookbook!
Lentils are a staple in our house…we eat them several times a month. Hadia uses caramelized onions in her recipe, which I have never done before. But since making this a few weeks ago, I have started to add them to my regular recipe…they really add another dimension of flavor.
Hadia’s Mediterranean style green beans were also a huge hit…the slow cooking brings out such a delicious flavor. My kids have already requested them several times! I have to say they were simply amazing. This recipe is a definite keeper! Michelle Kantor Nahom


Priya Kitchenette    Hadia Zebib Khanafer needs no introduction to foodies and cook book collectors. I started following Hadia almost a year back and started drooling on the food she shares. What started as small fascination ended up being an obsession for me. A day would not be complete if I don’t see what Hadia had to offer that day. Slowly from a follower of her blogs, to building a connect in social media and interacting with her, I started getting drawn the person Hadia is and ended being a friend. I was fortunate enough to receive the copy of her “Hadia Lebanese style recipes”. This is one of the most comprehensive cookbooks I have come across till date with over 500 recipes. The book has been categorized beautifully from soups, starters, main dishes, desserts and lovely tips. The moment you lay your hands on this book, you know the efforts behind this book must have been humongous. This book, is a must have collection on your shelf. Priya Shiva


Welcome to my Kitchen   Hadia, your cookbook is excellent. I have made hummus, baba ganooj and Labnee and they all came out perfect. I have many Lebanese friends in New Zealand and Australia from when we lived there. Your recipes taste like the food they made and introduced me to. If the basics are right, the other dishes will be too.......Charles Beauregard



A New York Foodie   I have always been into different types of cuisines and I love trying new recipes from all over the world. Since I have been blogging, I have met many great people from 6 continents. One of them is my fellow blogger and friend Hadia, from Hadia’s Lebanese Cuisine. Hadia, recently published an amazing book called “Hadia, Lebanese Style Recipes”. When she told me that she was going to send me a copy of her book I was totally thrilled, as I love seeing her mouthwatering recipes on her Facebook page and blog.
Hadia’s book not only has Lebanese recipes, but you can find all sorts of different cuisines in this book from Italian to Asian to South American. Most of her recipes include a picture so you can see what that finished dish looks like and believe me, her recipes are a picture to look at!
Hadia and her family are from Southern Lebanon and as she says, “she includes foods of her ancestors”. The cuisine of Southern Lebanon relies heavily on natural ingredients from the Earth which include: wheat, tomatoes, olive oil, onions and citrus fruits.
Hadia originally wanted to be a teacher, studying “English as a second language” at the Lebanese American University.She goes on to explain to her readers how she never cooked before she was married, not even knowing how to fry an egg. Hadia, is a self-taught cook who went from not knowing anything about cooking to writing a wonderful cookbook that has fabulous recipes.
In addition to her wonderful recipes, you will find all sorts of tips and tricks, temperature and measurement charts both in metric and U.S. Customary Units. Hadia tells us how to set a formal dinner table as well as an extensive section on Middle Eastern spices and kitchen utensils.
Her book covers many different categories from soups, salads and appetizers to pasta, grains, main courses and even cakes, pies and beverages, so this is an all-around cookbook.
Hadia, thank you again for sharing your wonderful creations with me and I look forward to making many more of them as time goes on! Sandi Nina.




MB Things I Know Great Cookbook!! Hadia's Lebanese Cuisine has a cookbook that is probably one of the best I have ever seen..Clean, crisp pictures and lots of them. Well written recipes, glossary of explanations for some of the ingredients and names of food. I collect Cookbooks and I will personally endorse this as a must have."Mary Beth"


Anisa Jehan: I ordered the cook book just in time for Ramadan and I have been using it to cook some great iftars the last couple days. My husband is from lubnan and I kno...w how much he misses Lebanese food. It's great to be able to put some meals together that he grew up eating. Thank you so much for putting together this book. It's def the best cook book i have! I love that there are so many pictures and how it's really well organized. I can tell you put a lot of time and energy into it. Best wishes to you and Ramadan Kareem!



Rania Fahmi: I have bought the cookbook today and I recommend it seriously it is one of the best books, the recipes are not complicated and it has lot of variety and new recipes which I came across other than traditional books. I loved the quality of the papers with emphasized pictures for every recipe.

The Social Chef: The Social Chef "I have helped a friend of mine who has a T.V cooking show with some photos for her cookbook. I can tell you from personal experience as you already know, it is a tremendous amount of work. Your cookbook is extremely impressive. I have been paging through it and I am beyond impressed." Michael Van Horn.


  Christine It This book is amazing and the photos are mouth watering. A feast for the eyes! The recipes are easy to follow and I cannot wait to make them for my family. Christine Tsalavoutas.

Jane Austin: Just received your book and it's totally fabulous. I strongly recommend it. Recipes are fantastic, easy to follow and everything is just delicious . Thank you SOooo much Hadia x "Jane Austin


JD Provence: Hello Hadia. I'm Diane's admin, on Canning and Cooking at Home. I have a little over 100 cookbooks, I've had your's a few months now. It is the most amazing one I've ever seen. The photos are beautiful, and the recipes are fantastic. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful work of art!

Canning and Cooking at Home :
o you ever know that something is just going to be good before you even "see" it? I ordered Hadia's Cookbook "Hadia Lebanese Style Recipes" after seeing her Facebook Page and sharing recipes onto this Page. I have to tell you that it is by far one of the best laid out, most beautiful books I've seen. You can see the amazing work and artistry that has gone into this cookbook!! Really, I am not kidding...every recipe is laid out beautifully and her photography is stunning as well!! Kuddos Hadia!! One day hopefully I will be able to carry my book to you - to be hand signed, OUTSTANDING WORK!! Diane
440 Pages of amazing recipes and a really cool bookmark in there too!! Diane. 
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